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RideNow Cycle Club


Welcome to RideNow Cycle Club, where cyclists from around the globe come together with a shared passion for riding and adventures. With an ever-growing membership of 5,500 dedicated individuals, we have built a vibrant international community celebrating the joy of cycling.


Our Ride Leaders play a vital role in fostering a close-knit group of riders who not only hit the roads together but also enjoy social hangouts and even race side by side. Through their unwavering commitment, we have created a unique community that exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and support.


As advocates for cycling, we organize an impressive roster of over 250 rides annually. This active presence in the local community allows us to champion cycling as a versatile means of transportation as well as a source of fitness. Safety is paramount to us, which is why our Ride Leaders continuously promote responsible riding practices and adherence to road regulations. Our clubhouse serves as more than just a gathering spot; it also provides essential maintenance and repair programs for our members, ensuring their bikes are always in optimal condition.


RideNow Cycle Club's journey began in early 2016, initially catering to beginner cyclists. However, our community has since witnessed remarkable growth, with many members progressing to elite-level racing. We take immense pride in their achievements, as they inspire others in our club and the wider community. Sporting our club colors with pride, they represent the spirit of determination and encourage others to pursue their cycling dreams.


Today, RideNow Cycle Club stands as the largest cycling club in Shanghai and ranks among the largest in China. This remarkable feat reflects the escalating interest in cycling and the vibrant atmosphere we cultivate within our community. Aspiring cyclists, seasoned riders, and adventure seekers alike will find an inspiring and welcoming home within our ranks.


Join us at RideNow Cycle Club and experience the thrill of cycling, forge lasting connections, and be a part of a community that celebrates the joy of riding. Together, we embark on incredible journeys, push our limits, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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WeChat: RideNowCc

RideNow Cycle Club CLUBHOUSE

Huangpu District,

No. 501 Liyuan Rd A1-103 Shanghai, China 200023

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